Call for Manuscripts: Millbrook Looking for K-3 STEM

Sitting down to write this post, I realize that it has been quite a while since I posted a call for manuscripts.  Sorry!  I’ll try to keep my eyes open for more.

Carol Hinz, the editorial director for Millbrook Press, recently posted a call for manuscripts on their blog.  They are looking for STEM or STEAM (as long as STEM is involved) for K-3 readers.  Here are some of the parameters:

  • Playful approach
  • 1000 word max.  This includes sidebars but not back matter.
  • Back matter.  It doesn’t have to be completed but you should include a list of possible topics.
  • Photographs.  This should be a topic that can be illustrated with photos although the writer does not have to provide said photos.
  • Attachments.  Hinz does not want the text in the body of a the e-mail but as an attachment.
  • Multiple manuscripts.  It is okay to send more than one manuscript but Hinz wants each attached to a separate e-mail.

There were something like 45 comments and some of this information is from her responses to comments vs the original post.  She also recommended that authors check out some of their books to see what she means by playful.  The books are:

I’ve read Water Can Be and Plants Can’t Sit Still but it was some time ago.  That means that I’ll be rereading them before submitting my manuscripts.

If you have questions for Hinz, she says to ask in the comments and she will respond.   But please remember, this is a business relationship.  she didn’t suggest that you query in the comments.  If you want to find out more about her and about Millbrook, check the various SCBWI publications.  Go to Manuscript Wish List or Twitter.  Try Google.  Yes, it’s a hassle but if you find out something useful it will put you ahead of the people who didn’t bother.

Good luck to any of you who submit.  And if you get a nibble, let us know so we can celebrate with you!


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