Trying Something New: Software, Hardware and Techniques

I have to admit that when it comes to updating computer hardware or trying out a new program, I am seldom in the vanguard.  Yet I am typing on a new ergonomic keyboard with a detached number pad and an ergonomic mouse.  Why?  After I meet a book deadline my sciatica and my hand sometimes bother me and this should help my hand.  But that wasn’t what made the final decision.  My backspace key was getting iffy.  Sometimes it would work. Sometimes it would make a cracking noise.

How am I doing with the new equipment? The mouse and I are fine.  The keyboard and I are, apparently, undergoing a period of adjustment. An exclamation point is practically impossible and every other “y” becomes “7” or “y7”. It does not help that the cat is so energetically head butting my hand across the board. Maybe I’ll take a sheet of stickers to MicroCenter to put on the keyboard boxes – Cat Not Included.

As reluctant as I am to try new hardware and software, I like to use the tools I know, when it comes to writing techniques I like to play around. That’s how I’ve found my way writing reader’s theater, humorous poetry for preschoolers, nonfiction for teens, a rebus, book reviews,  a picture book with two storylines, and classroom activities for teachers.

Sometimes I make one sale and then no more – reader’s theater and humorous preschool poetry.  Maybe even that first sale remains elusive such as with my picture book manuscripts.  But other areas have been very successful including my nonfiction for teens and activity writing.

But even the things I’ve not had great success in have impacted the rest of my writing.  I find myself using word play in my writing for adults. Yes, I have to watch where I do it because it isn’t always appropriate but where it is, it is always very well received.

Try something new this week.  Maybe you need a new mouse .  Perhaps you could try writing a poem.  Me? I’m going to spend some time in the world of my mystery.  I’ve got my victim all lined up and just need to ID the murderer.


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