Back It Up: Save Your Bacon

A back up can save your bacon…mmm, bacon.

When was the last time you backed up your novel?  Your hard drive?  Your blog?

I used to be really good about this but lately?  Not so much.  But as soon as I post this, I’m running my back ups.  My son had a mechanical car due in one of his engineering classes.  In addition to the car, they have to turn in a write-up that includes various calculations and specs.

Apparently, he popped his flash drive in after class today only to discover that all his files were corrupted.  All of them.  Including the one due tomorrow afternoon.

Our conversation was brief.  He had a write-up to rewrite.

I’ve had this happen before way back when hard drives were small and diskettes were a big thing.  I’d pop a disk in to key in the changes I’d made on a hard copy only to discover that, no, that file was no longer accessible.  Let’s just say that when properly motivated, I can attain great speed at the keyboard.

I said something to my husband about our son’s issue.  He said that they buy “numerous” flash drives at a time. They simply are not as reliable as they used to be.  So if that’s how you are saving your novel, back it up.

And while you’re at it, back up your blog and your site and your hard drive.  It can, after all, save your bacon.


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