Win a Bookstore!

You could be the lucky winner!

The owners of the My Shelf Bookstore are holding a contest.  It is fairly simple to enter.

You need:

  • $75 for the fee
  • A 25o word (or less) essay on why bookstores are important to the community

They need to receive 4,000 entries for the contest to take place.  That is because you are competing to win the bookstore that sells both new and used titles.  The prize includes:

  • The stock
  • The shelves
  • 6 months rent paid
  • The signage

Click through here to find out the rest of the details.

Am I entering?  Um, no.  I love bookstores but not as much as I love writing.  Owning and operating a bookstore?  Oh, please no.  That just doesn’t sound fun.  I’d be perfectly willing to take a shift now and again.  I love talking books with people.

I’m way too introverted to want to do that day in and day out. There are days that I just need to avoid people.  Even the ones that I like.  From what my husband, who has worked retail, tells me, that is not entirely compatible with my personality.

Still I loved seeing the entry that cartoonist Bob Eckstein created for a Writer’s Digest column.  You can check that out here.  And I would be truly happy if one of you lovely people would win.

Me?  I’d rather go back to the book I’m writing.  Or maybe the book that I’m reading.  Those are both much more my style.