Office Update: Valentine’s Day Our Way

“Why is your third bedroom an office?  You could get a laptop and work anywhere!”

Um, no. Let’s just say – no.  You may be able to work anywhere and I assume that many people can.  Why?  Because people seem to think that I can too.

But, nope.  Not this girl.  I have the attention span of a toddler hyped up on way too much sugar.

Yes, I can sometimes work in my dining room.  When no one else is home.  Or at least when no one else is in that part of the house.

But I cannot work in the library or a coffee house.  I look up every time someone walks past me.  I have to see what book they have.  Do they have a snack?  Ha!  Funny t-shirt.


I work best when I minimize my distractions.  That’s why my office has its own room.

But I’ve also had this room as my office for something like 15 years now.  Fifteen years with only one big change when we painted it and added the desk.  Suffice it to say that this space is in need of cleaning out and updating.  Step 1?   A new set of shelves.

Over the weekend I cleared off a bookcase and the boys moved it downstairs.  Monday evening, my husband finished installing these shelves.  My grandfather reclaimed the wood, cherry, from a log cabin.  These are shelves with history and a lot of dings including the new one I added when a bracket slipped.

Don’t wait fifteen years. Every now and again, take a look at your work routine.  Evaluate your space.  Don’t resign yourself to working just anywhere.  Instead, make the updates you need to make to give yourself an enjoyable, productive work space.  Off to recreate my author’s copies shelf and my library books shelf.

Yes, my library books get their own shelf.  Don’t yours?