The Webinar: One Way to Sell Your Work

A webinar is a great way to sell your work. If you’ve never participated in one of these events, a speaker or speakers give a presentation and often take questions from participants.  They can either take the questions live or solicit them ahead of time.  Often webinars are about how to do something.  They can also give detailed information on a topic such as the environmental justice.

Often a video is recorded so that people can watch it later.  Sometimes it is left up indefinitely.  Sometimes the recording will only be available for a week.

The key to a successful webinar can be found in giving participants something they can use.  It might be a new skill – how to create a work book to go with your school visit. Or it could be information – all you need to tell your organization about x, y, z.

You have the opportunity to earn money in several ways.

  1.  You can charge a small fee for the webinar itself.
  2. You can invite people to sign up for your class.
  3. You can sell your book.

There are two key things for you to remember in using this approach.  You have to give people something they can use. You cannot make a pest of yourself.

Preceeding a webinar on Pinterest marketing, I got not one but several e-mails to let me know I had successfully registered.  I got several more a day to remind me of the event.  I got several more, providing a countdown on the day of the event.  And look, here come the messages telling me the playback is up.  It was up for several days.  I got multiple messages a day including several telling me they had made a PDF of useful information available.

I was not looking for a new BFF or even a stalker.

When e-mailing participants, limit the number of e-mails that you send.  Keep them short.  Each e-mail should include a unique useful nugget of information or something they can use.

I was so fed up with this person’s approach that I never watched the video.  And the chance that I’m signing up for his class?  Slim to nonexistent.

I’ve taken part in some amazing webinars.  This might have been one of them but I was too turned off to find out.