Titles and Wordplay: An Opportunity to Make Your Own Story

Recently I read a post about how illustrator Jake Parker came up with cover for The 12 Sleighs of ChristmasOh, it’s just like the 12 Days of Christmas.  Funny!   Before long, I too was playing with the title of the carol.

The 12 Brays of Christmas, a Missouri mules picture book.

The 12 Greys of Christmas, a picture book of alien encounters.

Drays, phrase, mays or maize . . .

The 12 Maize of Christmas, colorful corn for Chris Kringle.

Whether you start with a carol or a folk tale, wordplay is a great opportunity to generate story ideas.  My son’s favorite when he was a preschooler was the Three Little Pears.  We had started out with the made up story The Three Little Rocket Ships, which he liked because he was a rocket crazy kid who could tell a Mercury Redstone from an Atlas at a glance.  But the story he loved was the Three Little Pears.

Little Pears.  Little Squares.  Little Mares.

When you get into the habit of playing with words, the possibilities are endless.  Kids love silly.  You just need to find something that you can use to generate a workable story.  You can play around to come up with your title and story idea, your setting (New York, New Pork, New Fork) and character names (see Three Little Pears) and more.

Granted your brain has to be in a playful mood but that’s okay.  When it is take advantage of this opportunity to generate a little of silly story ideas.