Book Covers Revealed

Merry Christmas to me!  Abdo Publishing recently posted my two most recent books with them.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a January release.  Here is the publisher’s description:  “The Dakota Access Pipeline follows the controversy surrounding the building of the pipeline and the associated month-long protests at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.”

Advertising Overload was written with Duchess Harris.  It is part of a new Abdo imprint, Duchess Harris, designed around authoritative, scholarly content.  Here is the publisher’s description for this one:  “Media outlets rely on advertising for financial support, but in many cases it’s becoming more difficult to determine where the news ends and advertising begins. Advertising Overload takes a closer look at the encroachment of sponsored content and paid advertisements in areas where consumers might not expect to see them, as well as the ways that companies use collected data to push targeted advertising at consumers.”

While I’m proud of my work on both books, I’m really looking forward to seeing The Dakota Access Pipeline.  This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I’m lucky to get to work on so many books with Abdo.  Their design team is top-notch!  I’ve got several more projects in the works with them so I’ll keep you posted as those move into publication.

Until then?  I’ll be enjoying my two latest.


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