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December 12, 2017

Mind the Gap: Opportunities to Sell Your Work

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You want to find the gap when marketing your ideas.

How many of you do market research before you start to write?  I’m not talking about only looking for possible places to sell your story, article, or craft.  I’m talking about looking at what has already been published so that you have a clue where the gaps are.

Let’s say that you want to write a children’s book about the history of comic books.  Do a quick search on Amazon and you get back 27, 327 results.  Whoa!  That’s a lot of competition.

The first thing that I notice is that I goofed.  I searched all of Amazon and not just books.  I make that correction and get back 21, 185 results.  That’s still one heck of a lot.  But every book doesn’t appeal to every single reader so I look at the various departments.

If I market my piece to teens and young adults, there are 2,369 results.  Much better but still too many.  That said, I quickly notice something. I have 16 results on the first page.  Two are about comic books.  The rest are actual graphic novels.

Picking through 100 pages of results is going to take some serious time. But if you do it and don’t find anything that overlaps with your idea?  You can tell the editor that you did the research.  You can reveal that the closet thing you found were the 5 volumes of the American Comic Book Chronicles.

Perhaps you are interested in science in comic books.  Or female super heroes.  Or LGBTQ characters.  Any and all of these things could be used to narrow your search and look for a gap in a particular area.

Find a gap in what has already been done.  Then write the book that fills it.  This will give you an opportunity to sell and editor or agent on your market research, your knowledge of what is already in print and the fact that you are not duplicating someone else’s work.



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