Opportunities: A Contest

I have to admit that I liked writing numerous posts about picture books throughout November.  Since I don’t know of a writing related “month” for December, I’m going to make up my own.  December is going to be Opportunity Month.

Why Opportunity Month?  Because I think we all need a reminder very now and then to take advantage of the many opportunities that come our way.  No, we can’t take advantage of them all.  But I think we use this as an excuse to let far too many pass on by.

So the first opportunity that I’m going to tell you about is a contest.  This one has a fast approaching deadline (12/10/2018) but why not take advantage if you have a story that is suitable.  Author Susanna Leonard Hill is sponsoring her 7th Annual Holiday Contest.  

To be qualified a story must:

  • Be about a holiday surprise. She welcomes stories about ” Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate.”
  • The word count has to come in at 250 words or less.  Writer shorter if you like but stop at 250 words.
  • Must go up on your blog between 12/7 and 12/10 EST. You then have to add your link to comments on her official holiday contest post which will go up 12/7.
Hill and her assistant will post the finalists on 12/15 or 12/16, depending on the number of entries. Blog visitors will then get to vote on a winner.

Initial judging will be based on:

  • Kid Appeal.  Stories are intended for readers 12 and under.
  • Holiday specific.
  • Contain a surprise.
  • Be well written with a main character and story arc.
  • Be original.

Good luck if you decide to enter.  I’m going to be looking through my files to see if I have anything suitable.


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