Picture Book Month

Picture Book Month was the brainchild of Diane de las Casas, an awarding winning author and storyteller who died as a result of smoke inhalation in August of this year.  Fortunately, a group of her dedicated friends have stepped forward to keep this initiative alive.

For those of you who haven’t taken part, Picture Book Month isn’t a writing initiative per se.  It is all about literacy and a love of these amazing books.

Throughout the month of November, pop on over to the web site (link above) and check out the essays written by the big names in picture books.  This year you will find pieces by editors, authors and illustrators, and even librarians including Arthur Levine, Betsy Bird, Elizabeth Dulemba, and so many more.  The organizers have created a calendar so that you know what is going up when.  I’ll paste that in below.

Teachers. librarians and parents who want to emphasize picture books with their young readers can visit the Activities page. There they can download coloring pages by Wendy Martin (personally I love the dancing skeleton), activities for Diane’s books, and more.

I am going to focus my blog posts for the month on picture books and picture book writing.  I can’t promise that they will all focus on picture books since I’ll be posting approximately 20 times in November.  If there is a particular picture book related topic that you would like to see me cover, let me know!   I’m currently brainstorming a new picture book so I may write about that as well.

Why not pop by the library in the next few days and pick up some new-to-you picture books to read?  I’ll be making my first batch of requests as soon as I save this post!


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