Why I Write What I Write

Why do I write what I write?  The answer varies according to what my focus is at the moment. I’ve written for the horse loving kid I once was.  I written for the young reader who just wants to find a great book.  I’ve also written for the kid who loves to work with their hands.

Right now?  My focus is on writing for young readers who want to know the world.  They want to know what is vs what they have been told.  They suspect something in that “common knowledge” may be a bit off and they want to know fact.

It’s why I write about race and about science.  As a society we are spectacularly clueless about both. Ironically enough, my current project has more to do with science than race but my recent reality check came from the world of racism.

The other night, I tried to explain to someone that I really do know a little something about the Kaepernick situation, the protest, the racism in the National anthem, etc.  Really.  I’ve researched it.  I’ve written about it.  My first two books on race have gotten really good reviews.  The third one has only been out for a few weeks.

“Well what’s the name of your book?”

I was going to tel him the names of all three books.  I got as far as Black Lives Matter.


The fireworks were glorious.  Let’s just say he has blocked me because we “have no common ground.” He turned off notifications.

cricket  cricket  cricket

The ignorance, fear and narrow-mindedness that led to that reaction?  Yeah, that’s why I write what I write.  Kids need books that present them with facts about topics the adults in their lives are afraid to discuss.  Apparently, I’m the aunt that appalls those adults.

Or, as my son explained to one of his professors the next day – “What does my mom do?  She writes socially incendiary books for teens.”

And the best news?  This whole argument about the NFL and the flag has given me an idea for another book.  I’m still noodling it over and I’ll be diving back into the constitution and may have to interview vets.  Still, I’m sure it will be offensive to many.  I seem to have a knack.


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