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September 6, 2017

Going Off-Line to Work

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I’ve got two big projects ongoing. I’m writing the first draft of a fiction chapter book. I’m thinking series but, as you know, I have to finish it and make a sale before that becomes an issue.  I’m also working on my next piece of teen nonfiction for Abdo.

Since I also have blog posts to write, books to review, a class I’m prepping to teach, and a class I’m taking, I decided that my work time needed to be über productive.  So I went offline to write.  No Facebook tabs open.  No e-mail.  No Google.  I closed Chrome completely.  After all, I could open it again if I needed to look something up.

I even left my cell phone in my purse in the entry way.  There was nothing to do but write.

It worked great. I powered through a chapter in about 40 minutes.  That was only about 3 pages which would be embarrassing if this was nonfiction but with fiction is pretty good for me.  Yay!  I wrote and stayed offline!

I stopped and had lunch and was all set to write another chapter when my son got home from school.  “How come you didn’t answer the phone? I called four times. It went straight to voicemail.” It seems that while I was busy congratulating myself for avoiding distractions, our phone and internet went out.

It can be hard to avoid the temptation of popping over to see if you’ve gotten a response from that biologist you want to interview or a response to your query.  Maybe that agent you submitted a chapter to has had a chance to read it.  Maybe.

But I’m here to tell you that you’re going to get a whole lot more done if you close your browser and just write.  Set a timer and don’t let yourself do anything but write for an hour or 1/2 an hour.  Even fifteen minutes is good.  The internet and your phone will be there when you’re done.

I’m almost sure of it.  If not, you can always read a book or get a bit more writing done.




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