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September 5, 2017

Book Spotting: Letting a Fellow Author Know You’ve Seen Her Book

Photo by Susan Ahearn

Last week I spent some time walking on air.  One of my students “sighted” Black Lives Matter at her local library and sent me a photo.  It’s great to know that my book is a part of special displays and librarians are working to put it in young reader’s hands.

Given how great this made me feel, I’m going to make a point to do this for other writers.  I’ll be taking photos of books and audio books at my local library.  We now have separate floors for adults and children but I spotted some of the children’s books upstairs in a “Check Me Out” display put together by the librarians.  Given that our phones double as cameras, this is going to be super easy to do.

But I’m also going to post book covers on Twitter whenever I check something out.  My planned tweet will be something like “Thanks to @SLCL for stocking books by Missouri authors! Checked out and on top of my TBR pile.”  Why tag my library system?  Because books that don’t circulate enough get remaindered.  With libraries serving so many functions they no longer have the space to act as long-term storage for books that may circulate once a year or so.  Checking it out helps but so does letting other readers know I’m excited about the book and where I got it.

I recently read an article that discussed the fact that millennial may well be the salvation of our library systems.  They are used to having free access to media online.  But they’ve also discovered that they can’t find everything they want online so they are turning to another free source of media – the public library.

Why not help get the word out about the great authors I know and the great books I am reading.  Thank you to Susan Ahearn who sparked this.  Check out my twitter feed (@SueBEdwardslater today to see what book/Missouri author I tweet.


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