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August 30, 2017

Look Forward: Advice for Swimmers and Writers

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When my son was a newish swimmer, competing in the 25m breast stroke, I’d watch him bobbing up again and again. Every now and then, he’d sneak a peek to one side or the other.  It was obvious why he was doing it.  He wanted to know where he was in relation to everyone else.  It also slowed him down each and every time.

It took me quite a while to break him of this habit.  I finally counted how many time he did it in a single race and made him scrub the toilet that many days in a row.  One race.  Five days of scrubbing.  Habit broken.

If you’re a writer, it is just as important to keep your eye on your goal.  After all, that’s where you’re headed.  It is where you want to be.

Some writers have a problem with this because they are constantly looking at what other people are doing.  They want to be the next JK Rowling or, even worse, they think Rowling is a hack.  She never should have made it to big! It isn’t fair.  Her books aren’t all that special.

If this sounds like you, stop.  Just stop.  You are slowing yourself down.

You are not JK Rowling.  You will never be JK Rowling.  We already have one of those.  She’s filled that niche in the market.

You would have told the story differently?  Excellent.  Now is your chance to find your story, the story that only you can tell.  Don’t know yet what that story is?  That’s okay.  Work on your technique until you figure it out.  Develop some writing muscle and when you do know what story you are passionate to tell, you will be ready to take it from start to finish.

You would have made different career choices?  Again, hot dog!   That’s probably just as well because you are facing a different reality.  Your life experiences are different. Your writing is different. Your career should also be different.

Look ahead.  It really is in your best interest.



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