Writer’s Market 2018 and New to Me Markets

For those of you shopping for your annual market guide for 2018, consider Writer’s Market.  Yes, I’m a bit biased because I have an article in this edition.  You can find “Why, When, and How to Co-author a Book” on page 41.

There are also pieces on publicity, e-mail newsletters and how much to charge for a wide variety of writing jobs.  All in all there are about 20 articles on a variety of topics helpful to those of us who make a living writing.

Or who want to make a living writing.

Or who just want to get a couple of things published.

There are sections  on agents and magazines, grants and book publishers. Yes, you can find a great deal of this information online but I have found that trying to find information on consumer magazines and trade journals online is pretty hit or miss.

I’ve been trying to break into some new markets.  Several times in the past I have focused my writing efforts on one or two publications.  The first time I did this, I was a brand new writer, selling to Young Equestrian magazine.  When it folded, I had just started writing how-tos for writers.  I switched my focus from YE to Children’s Writer newsletter.  Now most of my work goes to Abdo.

No, I’m not saying that I expect Abdo to fold.  Far from it – they are adding a new imprint and reaching out into new markets.

But as a writer I am happier when I’m not doing only one thing.  I’ve made one sale this year to Highlights Hello.  I’m almost ready to send them another piece.

Teen nonfiction.  Toddler and preschool poetry.  I’m not sure what I’ll be adding to my repertoire but this guide is almost 900 pages long.  I know I’m sure to find something.



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