MSWL Day: Coming Soon to a Twitterfeed near You

Are you, like me, one of the many authors looking for an agent?  Then you need to check out Manuscript Wish List Day (#MSWL Day).  It is coming up on September 12, 2017.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #MSWL it is a tag used by editors and agents to Tweet about what they want.  You will see posts about agents looking for young adult novels, editors seeking books with great voice, and so much more.  All you need to do is go to Twitter and search for #MSWL.

Throughout the day, agents and editors will post about the manuscripts they’d like to receive.  Last #MSWL day there were far too many tweets to scan them all.  I would periodically refresh the screen and scan, but I also did specific searches for things like “#MSWL PB,” “#MSWL picture book,” “#MSWL  STEM,” and “#MSWL nonfiction.”

You can also check out individual agents or editors who interest you.

  1. Go to Twitter and read their feed.  This can be tough if it is someone who posts very often.
  2. Go to Twitter and search #MSWL (agent or editor name).   This can be helpful if your target agents posts often.
  3. Go to Manuscript Wish List.  Once there, search for your agent or editor of interested.  On their profile page, in the center column is a button that says “See my latest #MSWL tweets.”  Guess what?  Click it.  I’ve yet to figure out just how the tweets are arranged.  Not by date.  Not by reversed date.  Skim them and see if this agent still looks promising.

You can also like tweets as they are posted.  Then you go to your twitter profile and click likes.  Everything you liked is going to come up which might be a problem if you like a lot.

If you find a recent tweet that jives with something you’ve written, mention it in your query letter.  This is another way to show your agent or editor of choice that you’ve done your research.

You’ve got almost a month to do your research.  Look in your files for manuscripts that are ready to go.  Check out your dream agents and see which ones Tweet.   And, if on September 12th you find someone who seems like a good match for your work, good luck!


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