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August 14, 2017

Professional Gaming Careers

Friday, I posted on Facebook about seeing a Tweet from one of my publishers. The series is E-Sports: Game On!  That book on the left?  Professional Gaming Careers?  That one is mine.  Woo-hoo.

It’s a great feeling to see your book out and about in the world.  Then guess what came in the mail later Friday afternoon? My author’s copies!

This book was a unique experience for me.  Not only is it the only book I’ve done for Norwood House Press, it is the only book I’ve ever written on a career.

Written for ages 8-12 it is also a lower reading level and interest level than most of my books.  I’m not going to lie.  Getting some of the chapters down to the reading level was a challenge but it was also a lot of fun getting to do something new.

Confession time – I game.  I wouldn’t call myself a gamer.  I am far too casual to use that term.  But I do play.

I’m not nearly as good as most of the kids who will read this book.  But, like them, I can appreciate the ingenuity and innovation that went into the early games and the tie to model railroading.  And  I really enjoyed learning about people my son’s age to, however briefly, make a career out of game play.

The funniest moment?  When I overheard my son talking to one of his friends. “I can’t believe your moms is writing about gaming professionally.  Didn’t think a Boomer could do it.”

“She’s no Boomer!  She’s Gen X.”


Not sure if his surprise was a good thing or a bad thing but it was definitely a thing.  If you are going to write for young readers, sometimes you have to set aside your preconceived notions.  Listen to what they are telling you and try to see the world, however briefly, through their eyes.  You may find yourself scoring some points.



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