Connect with young readers even outdoors.

Have any of you ever been fortunate enough to encounter a StoryWalk®?  I only learned that they existed earlier this week when someone asked about them on a community forum.

StoryWalk® is an innovative way for readers of all ages to enjoy reading in the outdoors. Laminated picture book pages are attached to wooden stakes positioned along a trail. As the reader strolls along, they can pause to read before moving on to the next page in the story.

StoryWalks® can be found in 50 states and 11 countries.  The original walk was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT. She put it together with help from Rachel Senechal, Kellogg-Hubbard Library.

The costs for each installation include 3 copies of the book (2 for laminating and one as ‘replacement parts) and lamination costs.  Stakes are a one time cost and can be reused for subsequent books.  Because the book is purchased and the owner of a book can do pretty much whatever with it, copyright problems do not come into play.

I have to admit that I wasn’t initially thrilled with the idea of cutting a book apart.  But pulling young readers into a story?  Making them want to read more?  Perhaps get their own copy of the book?  That is very attractive.

Does your community have a StoryWalk®?  Do you have an outdoor oriented picture book?  Or a picture book that has something to do with exercise or an outdoor activity?  This would be an excellent way to help young readers connect with your book.

Click here and here for more on StoryWalks®.  The second piece has some great tips and words of advice.  And here are a variety of Youtube videos on StoryWalks®.




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