The Search Engine for Writers: Writer’s Knowledge Base

The Writer’s Knowledge Database is all about helping writers find the information they need to get the job done.  I first heard about this search engine three years ago, but hadn’t visited in a while.

Elizabeth Spann Craig is a writer who tweets about . . . can you guess . . . writing!  In her tweets, she promotes the many great articles that she finds on the craft of writing.  Each article she tweets becomes a part of the database.

I found out about her efforts when Porter Anderson (@Porter_Anderson) tweeted about her blog post and linked me to the post.  (Thank you, Porter!).  My Women of Writing post, Are Your Writing Habits Beach Ready? Writing in the Summer had been included in the category Creativity and Inspiration/Productivity/Fitting in Writing.  It was quite an honor and a pleasant surprise during such a busy week.  You can see Elizabeth’s entire post here.

The great thing about the database is that these are all quality articles.  As in they are INFORMATIVE.  This isn’t fluff.  You will find genuinely useful information.

Now if you’ll excuse me, yesterday was my third book deadline for the summer.  I turned in The Debate on the Electoral College.  Then I worked a swim meet in record heat.  I think it was down to 95 when we were on-deck.

Needless to say, I’m a bit toasted today.  My plans include crocheting, listening to an audio book, rowing in my nice cool basement and watching a movie with the boy.

When you have a bit of time, take a look at the Writer’s Knowledge Database.  There are over 40 thousand entries though so plan on it taking a bit of time.