Evaluating Possible Writing Jobs

Yesterday I spotted a really interesting infographic on the Make a Living Writing blog.  It is a quiz that helps you evaluate whether or not you should take a particular writing gig.

This is particularly handy if you are fairly new to free lancing.  Why?  Because it will help you face some uncomfortable truths. Such as?  Jobs that you get through an online ad are a crap shoot.  Sounds rude?  So is discovering that you know about the field than your editor or that they got so many responses that they think they can con you into working for free.  Also helpful are that it forces you to examine the pay level, whether or not the work is ongoing and whether or not you can claim it.

Just for fun, I evaluated it as if I was just taking on my first book with Red Line (Ancient Maya) and I also a book gig for which I was approached but turned down.

Ancient Maya scored a 38 or Yes, yes, yes!

The job I turned down scored a 24 or Definite maybe.

Do I think I made a mistake turning down the job.  Uh, no.  Why?   Poor pay for a job I can’t claim on my resume is not balanced out by the fact that I genuinely like you.  I still have bills to pay and future gigs to find.  I need those credits to help me find work.

Definitely take a look at this infographic the next time you have a potential assignment to consider.  It will help you focus on your goals even as you dance around in excitement because someone wants you.