New Sendak Book

My favorite Sendak book.

Did you know that a new Maurice Sendak book is in the works?  That’s quite an accomplishment given the fact that Sendak died about five years ago.

Lynn Caponera, president of the Maurice Sendak Foundation, discovered the manuscript when she was going through the late artist’s files. She found a typewritten manuscript called Presto and Zesto in Limboland, co-authored by Sendak and Arthur Yorinks with whom he often collaborated. Caponera scanned the manuscript and sent it to Michael di Capua, Sendak’s editor and publisher.

Di Capua was excited to receive the manuscript not in small part because both it and the illustrations are already complete. The book will be released in Fall 2018 and is the third collaboration for Yorinks and Sendak.  The title is something of an inside joke between the pair since Sendak called Yorinks Presto and Yorinks called his friend Zesto.

Although Sendak created the illustrations first, an afternoon of playing with ideas led the pair to create an homage to their friendship. Thus they named the characters after themselves, Presto and Zesto.

It’s a pity the book was never completed in Sendak’s lifetime but I, for one, am happy to realize that there is another Sendak book in the works.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to add Presto and Zesto to my Christmas list.  It’s never to early to decide what you want from Santa!