Writing Time: How Much Time Are You Actually Writing?

I had to laugh last night when I saw this graphic.  What do I do when I’m supposed to be writing?

I’d love to say that 100% of my writing time is spent writing but that’s not true.  If I have a great deal of unstructured time, I can find all kinds of things to do that aren’t writing.

I water plants.  Fold laundry.  Redecorate the corner table in the dining room.  Hang a new picture.  You get the picture.

Of course these are also the kinds of things that I do when I need to recharge.  So if you live with me it can be hard to tell.  Is she recharging?  Does she need to do something other than write?  Or should she put her butt in her chair and write?

So not my current problem.  Oh, no.  My current problem involves my son’s summer job.

He’s a life guard.  This is his first real job.  By real job, I mean that he doesn’t get to set his own hours and he had to pay for a background check.  It hasn’t been easy but I generally manage, often with gritted teeth, to let him adult.  But the rule at work is NO PHONES.  He deals with this by not even getting it out when he’s on break.  That’s cool.  Most of us spend way too much time phone in hand anyway.

The problem has become the moms who know that I’m at my desk when the teens are at work.  Don’t know when your kid gets off?  Message Sue.  Afraid the pool might close due to lightning but picking up your child is “impossible?”  Hey!  Sue’s at her desk.

I also get phone calls from the church secretary when she needs information but can’t find the person she needs to talk to.  Why?  Because she can find me.

My dad not answering his phone?  Yeah, you should just call Sue.

Because of this, I leave my phone in my purse.  Facebook pings at me but the speakers are turned off.

Sometimes you have to put up a fight to get your writing time.  But that’s cool.  After all, you are a writer. Aren’t you?