Taking a Break from a Particular Project

That photo to the left? That’s something of a self-portrait.  No, I’m not a cat.  But it is a mental/emotional self-portrait.  Mentally, I’ve flopped over on the floor.  Why?  Because yesterday, I finished drafting my latest nonfiction book.

I know, I know, working on the 4th of July.  How unpatriotic can I get?  Does it help that I was writing about the Electoral College?  The book is due on Tuesday the 11th.  That means that I need to get a draft done so that I can start rewriting.

But before I start rewriting I need a break.  I’ve been too close to this for too long and without some distance I will probably do a lot of damage.

At this point, I’ve nailed the voice in Chapter 1.  The length is almost there and the reading level is spot on.  Chapters 2 through 8?  Heck, I still need to pack in some more content and make sure I’m not repeating myself chapter to chapter.   Then there’s that whole voice thing, readability and reading level.

That’s a lot.  And that is exactly why I need that distance.  This morning I had yoga.  Tonight I have critique group.  In the middle I can do many different things.  I’ve got two more shelves to clean off in my office.  Or I could listen to an audio book and crochet.  Or read some contest entries.  Maybe I’ll format this interview that’s sitting in my inbox.

What I won’t do is write.  When you are a writer, distance is like absence.  It makes the heart grow founder and provides the clarity that you need for a successful rewrite.

Tomorrow, I’ll write again.  Today?  Today I’m mentally lounging.  We cats are like that.