Keeping if Flexible on the 4th of July

Well, it’s that time again.  Time for my annual 4th of July post.  Normally I tell you that I’m spending time with my family and taking time off to recharge my batteries.  Then I encourage you to do the same.  And that’s good advice.  If you don’t have a deadline nipping at your heals.

Besides, we aren’t 100% certain what we’ll be doing as a family.   For the first time ever, my son has a traditional job.  You know the kind – where someone else tells you when to come in and what hours you will work.  He’s a life guard and that means working the pool when other people have the day off.

Yes, we can still go see fireworks.  Or we can eat dinner.  Or it might rain.  They’ve been predicting spotty storms and if the rain hits nowhere else in the our area, the pool gets it.

I’m also working on, ironically enough, Pro/Con: The Debate about the Electoral College.  This is my third book deadline this summer which means that I’ve been fielding requests from multiple editors and fact checkers.  Yep. Even the fact checkers have my e-mail address.  My book is due a week from today.  If I can get time to work, it would be super smart to rough out another chapter.  They’re only 500 words but I have two more chapters to rough.

As much as we talk about setting writing goals, something you need to remember when you start to get paying work is that, much like my son, you will be called on to meet other people’s deadlines.  You will have to be . . . flexible.

I’m hoping to rough out a chapter AND have time for fun as well.

Whatever your goals are for the day, I hope you meet them and have a wonderful 4th of July!