Back It Up: Saving Your Bacon

Running a back up can save your bacon…mmm, bacon.

Recently I read a post over on, the blog of writer/illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi, where she talked about a routine update erasing a large number of her illustration files.  If she hadn’t had a full back up system in place she would have lost file after file.  Imagine watching files disappearing from your hard drive literally right before your eyes.

Um, how long had it been since I did a back up?

It only takes a few minutes to run the back up on each blog.  If you’ve never done that, just go to Tools, select Export.  Then you have to select what to export whether it be full content, comments or specific pages.  I back up my entire content.

But then came the real shock.  When I asked my husband how to find the back up for my hard drive, he looked at me like I’d lost my mind.  “It’s in the external hard drive. Norton does it automatically.  Just click on the program to find out when.”

Umm, right.  Apparently the latest version of Norton only has that feature if you pay for the upgrade for Premium.  Glad I found that out now.  Still not super duper happy with Norton.

Double check that back up plan!


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