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June 9, 2017

E-books vs Print

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To more chapters to go on my rewrite, so today’s blog post is another infographic.  This one is from Ebookfriendly and features the top reasons that readers in the UK gave for choosing a print book over an e-book.

I’ve encouraged my son to buy print books next year when he starts college.  Yes, they cost more but I’ve seen studies that show that students process and retain information better if they read it in print vs an e-book.  Yes, e-books are convenient but they don’t engage our brains in quite the same way.

And, as my MIL has pointed out, it is a disaster if you drop your e-reader in the tub!  I also had a good laugh at posing — people who pose with books, “look at what I’m reading.”  Leaving your Kindle on the coffee table doesn’t have quite the same impact as a stack of academic books or several New York Time’s Best Sellers!

Enjoy and I hope to be back to regular posts soon.  Happy writing all!


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