Memorial Day

I’m not sure what it is about Memorial Day and rewrite requests.  Last year, I had to tell an editor that I couldn’t have a rewrite done as early as they wanted it because I was taking the weekend off.

Right now, I’ve got three book contracts: The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL); Advertising Overload; and Pro and Con: The Electoral College. Any day now, I’ll have the feedback on the DAPL book and have a rewrite to do.  It is such a complex topic that I doubt it will be easy peasy.  As much as I want to get the feedback and get it done, I didn’t want to get it this weekend.

Lucky for me, it didn’t arrive.  But the feedback on chapter one and the outline of Advertising Overload did!  Fortunately, I’ve got several weeks to finish that very short book so I’m not worried about letting it sit for a few days.  Besides, the changes are either minor or the “don’t forget to keep this in mind” variety.

I hope that those of you in the US are managing to get some time off and spend it with your family.  I’ll be visiting with my Dad, a veteran, today.  See you again tomorrow!



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