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May 26, 2017

Your Writing Space: Does It Reflect the Real You?

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Recently I read a column written by author Christina Katz about whether or not your home reflects the real you.  She encourages writers to express themselves in how they decorate their homes because, as she says it so well, “expressiveness begins at home.”

That made me look around here in my office.  Does it reflect the real me?  In all truth, it’s a bit of a mess.  graduateWe’ve been cleaning out my father’s house.  We cleaned out my mother-in-law’s house in 4 days.  My son just graduated.  I currently have a dining room full of teenagers gaming.  That pretty well sums up my life busy and full of people I care about.  Good?  Yes!  Conducive to a neat, organized office?  Not on your life.

But in many ways my office still reflects me.  I share space with this young man, Jimmy.

There is also a skull on the bookshelf, two dragons on my desk, and a John Hancock bobblehead.

There’s a planter shaped like a stack of books that I use to hold my pens.  There’s a painting of a bat and a modern Cherokee painting of wolves but the one in the center has a poodle cut.

Off beat.  Odd.  Gruesome.  History, archaeology and anthropology. Warped sense of humor.  Yeah, I’d have to say that it really does reflect who I am.  That may explain why it is my favorite place to write.

Could it use some improvement?  You bet.  And I’m working on that.  As you can see the book case behind Jimmy has two beautifully organized shelves. There’s another nice shelf you can’t see and three that I’m still cleaning.  When I get that done, this will be replaced by an antique set of shelves made by my bumpa – cherry salvaged from a cabin.  Yep.  My office definitely reflects the real me.



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