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May 12, 2017

Agents and/or Editors

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When you are shopping your work around to agents, do you cease and desist sending it to editors?

Yesterday, I read a post on Janet Reid’s blog about Twitter pitch events.  In her post, Reid discusses the fact that she was out with a group of agents.  One of them mentioned contacting an author whose manuscript she had only to discover that said author had some interest from editors based on a Twitter Pitch.   Based on said interest, she had sent them the manuscript.  All agents present sighed deeply.

What the heck?  Do they expect us to sit on our duffs while we wait for one of them to snatch up our manuscript?

Sadly enough, that about sums it up.  If you are submitting your work to agents, they would very much prefer that you not also submit it to editors.  Why?  Because if you sent it to Betty Boop, senior editor at Lotsa Books, and she turns it down, the agent cannot then send it to Mata Hari, editorial director at that same publisher.  Never mind that this agent knows for a fact that Ms. Hari has been looking for just this sort of manuscript all along and that Ms. Boop is more interested in author/illustrators than authors.  It just doesn’t matter.  By sending in your own manuscript, you’ve crossed this publisher off the list.

Does this mean that I’m not sending any of my work to publishers at this time?

Most of what I send out isn’t the sort of thing an agent is going to represent anyway.  I’m submitting more to magazines right now but also doing work for hire.  If I see a publisher that is beyond perfect and it is a smaller niche publisher that is open to slush submissions anyway, then I might send it in.

And, on that note, I need to get my work out to another two or three agents.  If for no other reason — I’m getting sick of not submitting to editors.



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