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May 10, 2017

F’ing Gs: Being a Writer Mom

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At the state capital with bust of Laura Ingalls Wilder

My son is graduating from high school this month.  I know that this doesn’t mean my job as a Mom is over, but I’ve been reflecting on the trials of being a writer mom.

I was a writer before I was a mom.  Maybe that’s why it never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do both at once.  That may also be why my son never had any trouble buying into “my mom is a writer.”  I was doing it when he joined the family. That said, it wasn’t always easy doing interview based articles with a toddler in the house. One day he beat me to the phone and started jabbering away like he always does with my Dad.  Unfortunately, this time around it was a male editor returning my call for an interview.  Fortunately, he had a great sense of humor.  Something about having his own toddler under foot in his home office while he was talking to mine.

Then there was the time my son gave one of his favorite teachers a picture book.  He explained, very patiently, that this was a real book and not an F&G.  Since she wasn’t up on all the latest and greatest publishing terms, she didn’t hear F&G.  She heard F’ing G.  It took me a minute to realize why she was glaring at us.  From then on, all of us in the Edwards household used the term Fold and Gather.  You get fewer appalled looks.

There was the day in third grade when a teacher was telling the kids how writing and publishing work and then asked Jared to confirm it all.  “No, not really.  Mom says it works like this…”  Fortunately, that particular teacher has a great sense of humor. Unlike the high school teacher who didn’t understand when I pointed out that moss was not a synonym for shrub.  “What do you mean?”

Wonder what adventures this writer is going to have as the Mom of an engineering student?   The least engineer typical engineering student I’ve ever met.  It is definitely going to be interesting.




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