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May 9, 2017

Inspiration: Some Writer

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When we take our work to critique group, we always hope that they are going to LOVE it.  After all, these are our stories.  Okay, I meant to call them story-babies, but I just can’t do it.  Far too precious for me to do it and survive.  Anyway, these are our stories and we adore them even if they aren’t painfully cute. But our critique groups don’t always share that story love.

Unfortunately, my story is 90% realistic.  All of the characters but one are human.  That one is taking the place of a human but still acting like it’s animal self.  If I can manage to pull this off, it will be hilarious.  Because I said so. But one of my critique buddies rejected the fantasy element outright.

Still, I’m too pig-headed to give up so I’ve got more research to do.  Not about my topic.  This time I need to research existing picture books with both animal and human characters.  If I can work myself up to do it.

Fortunately I just read a highly inspiration biography, Some Writer: The Story of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet.  In the book, we read about the reaction that people had to Stuart Little.  White wrote the book based on stories he told his kids.  Not surprisingly, the stories were a huge hit.  And, no, I don’t say that because your kids love every story you tell them.   I say that because you don’t tend to do “episodes” or “chapters” if your kids hate the story.  You abandon them.

White had had several people, including librarians, ask him to write a children’s book.  But Stuart Little freaked some people out.  They even banned the book.  Banned E.B. White.  Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one.

But I also found it very encouraging.  Except for Stuart Little, the book is very realistic.  Except for Tuck, my story is very realistic.  Same same?  Maybe not.  As much as I’d like to claim kinship, I’ll stick with being inspired.  Realistic stories with strong fantasy elements can work.

Mine may not work yet, but that’s the operative word.  Yet.



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