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May 2, 2017

Are you in a rut? How to jump-start your picture book writing

You know how it goes.  You finish a big job, turning in a book manuscript or doing an editorial rewrite.  Or maybe you’ve just participated in some major life event like a move or graduation.  Whatever the reason, you just can’t seem to get going on another writing project.  It isn’t a lack of ideas.  You’ve got several good ones but you just can’t seem to make yourself write.

Enter PiBoWriWee or Picture Book Writing Week.  The dates for 2017 are May 1 to May 2.  That’s right, we’re already on Day 2.

But even if you’re a day behind, I’d encourage you to jump in.  The water is, as they say, fine.

I’ve been trying to get off my fanny and rough a new picture book for 3 weeks.  I love the idea and spent some time doing the research which is good.  This is the type of story that required research into the setting, the characters and how things might happen.  I finished the research but the writing?  It took me a day to rough out two spreads.  The next three days saw no progress at all.

And then yesterday I saw a tweet on PiBoWriWee.  The challenge is to write 7 picture book drafts in 7 days.  The host is Patricia Yoo and you can find the details here.  The idea is that in 7 days you will draft 7 picture books.  That sounded pretty good to me.  Anything to get my off my unproductive fanny.

So far I’m doing good.  One day.  One picture book.  Given that that is more than I had managed in three weeks.  I’m jazzed.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to decide what I’m drafting today.  I have several more ideas and not all of them require research to get started.  For others, a quick draft will help me decide what form the story should take and what needs to be drafted.

I’ve got writing to do.



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