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April 26, 2017

“What is your favorite book?”

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“What is your favorite book?”
I shouldn’t be surprised when young readers ask me that, because teachers and other adults ask them the same question. But that’s a tough one for me. I probably had 10 or 20 “favorite books.” I’m not very good about picking out a favorite food or favorite color either.
Here are several of my favorites.
Black Beauty. I was a horse crazy kid so this was a natural for me which means that I also loved …
Everything by Marguerite Henry. My favorite may have been Mustang Wild Spirit of the West or San Domingo Medicine Hat Stallion.
The Boxcar Children. The original. I focused so intently on this, the first book, that I was shocked to find out it was a series. Yep. Writers are nothing if not observant.
Jared’s Island. I bought a remaindered copy of this at a library sale. Anyone who knows me is going to pick up on the name Jared. Yep. That’s where I got it.
The original Tarzan series.  Yes, Edgar Rice Burroughs.  I loved these books and this time around I did figure out that it was a series and I still own every single one of them although some are a bit besmirched.  I bought the last of them from a co-worker who read on the job in a foundry.
Everything by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  These were such a huge hit growing up that my sister and I had matching prairie dresses.  I kid you not at all.
These were my books. My parents and grandparents also had books that I adored.  I spent hours paging through my father’s copy of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.  My mother’s family medical encyclopedia was a huge hit because of the human anatomy drawings — I spent hours studying muscles and nerves and organs until she realized there were nudie people and hid the book.  I used to read Gene Stratton Porter books out loud with my grandmother.
And these are just the books that read before I got married.  What is my favorite book?  Too many to name just one!  The key?  They all had adventures that pulled me in and I could imagine myself in their pages.  My friends and I spent countless hours acting out and improving on these books and many more.  A girl can’t be Tarzan?  Pfft.  We never would have believed it and, in all truth, we still don’t.

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