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April 7, 2017

Rewriting, Revising, and Using Things in New Ways

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If you are anything like me, keeping your desk organized is a challenge.  There is no shortage of pens, markers, highlighters and pencils floating around here but finding what I need when I need it is always a challenge.

Given my love of color, your standard desk organizer simply is not sufficient. For quite a while now, I’ve had it all in a ceramic bowl.  Technically it is a planter that my BIL made so that they could share them with people at their wedding.  The plant has long since gone to the great beyond but I loved using the bowl on my desk.  Except for one thing.  It is bowl shaped which means that the markers and pens tend to sprawl.  Eventually they plop out on the desktop.

At right is my new pencil holder.  Technically it too is a planter but this one has straight sides and looks like a pair of books.  The top one is Mark Twain.  My dad is a huge Twain buff and this has been broken and glued back together. I decided that the gaps made it unsuitable to be a planter so – markers!

This week has been spent rewriting.  What does that have to do with a planter serving as a pen holder?  Sometimes things end up serving a different purpose than what was originally intended.  In my editing today:

A sidebar became a paragraph in the body of the chapter.

A pull out quite became the conclusion of the book.

A chapter 7 sidebar became a chapter 2 sidebar and more.

During the rewrite, you need to take a hard look at everything in the manuscript.  You may have meant something to function one way only to discover that that did not work.  Sometimes it functions better as something else or somewhere else.  Sometimes it just has to go.

If you are willing to make these kinds of decisions, you will have a much better manuscript when it is all over.





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