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April 4, 2017

Crystal Kite Award: It Is Time to Cast Your Vote!

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If you are an SCBWI member, it is time to cast your vote in the Crystal Kite Awards.  For those of you who have not vote before, the Crystal Kites are voted on by your peers, fellow authors and illustrators.  There is an award for each of the 15 SCBWI regional divisions worldwide.

This is Round 1 in the voting.  Cast your vote for one book.  The winners in this Round will become the finalists in the Second/Final round.

To vote, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the SCBWI site and log in.
  2. Once you have logged in and reached your member page, scroll to the bottom of the left hand menu and click on “Vote in the Crystal Kite Awards.”
  3. This will automatically take you to the correct region, thankfully.  I’m in Kansas-Missouri which is part of the Mid-South.  Yep.  Not something I would have guessed.  Any-who, at that point you just take your time and look through the various candidates.  For the Mid-South, there are something like 44 eligible books.  I can scroll down the page and click on “More Info” to find out additional information on any given book.  You can sort the books by Title, Author Name, or Illustrator Name.
  4. Once you have decided which book you want to vote for, click on the “Cast My Vote” button for the book you have chosen.  You will be asked to confirm you vote and then you simply click “yes” or “no.”

Good luck to all of you amazing authors and illustrators out there!  And, may be the best books win.





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