Poem a Day Challenge or PAD

Saturday is April 1st and it marks the beginning of the 2017 PAD (Poem a Day) Challenge.  The challenge is open to anyone, professional poet or novice, and is hosted by Writer’s Digest editor Robert Lee Brewer.  You can find his guidelines for the challenge here.

The purpose of the challenge is to write one poem each and every day throughout the month of April.  Brewer will choose several favorite poems to honor but really the whole thing is meant to be fun and supportive. Many participating writers post their poems on the site and comment on other people’s poems.

Although participants are encouraged to “poem as they wish,” any poems or comments that Brewer feels are hateful will be deleted.  To quote Brewer, “…if anyone abuses this rule repeatedly, I will have them banned from the site. So please ‘make good choices,’ as I tell my children.”

The types of promts Brewer posts vary.  Many of them are subject prompts — a falling apart poem, a visitor poem or a tape poem. Others start with a phrase such as “when (blank).”  One of last year’s prompts required participants to use six specific words within their poem.  I have to admit that I actually do better with these types of prompts vs those that ask for a certain poetic form — tanka, haiku or lymeric.  Although maybe a lymeric would be fun . . . there once was a poet from …

As always there are a many different things we can do with a single writing prompt. Part of what you come up with will depend on who you are and where you are in your life at the moment.  But Brewer encourages us to take a bit of time to brainstorm before sitting down to write.

But most of all?  Remember to have fun.