Welcome to Sesame Street!

This is a great opportunity for any writer who can pursue it.

Sesame Street Writers’ Room is a new fellowship opportunity from the creators of Sesame Street. Who is it for?  New writers from underrepresented racial backgrounds. Sesame Street has always represented diversity on screen and this is a behind-the-screen opportunity for people of any of these groups: Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, or multiracial (two or more races, which may include white).

Applicants must:

Be 21 years-of-age at the time of the fellowship  this summer (dates online)

Have an 11 page script to apply

Be able to get to New York City for week night discussion sessions.


This really is an amazing opportunity to hone your script writing skills.  To find out more, visit the Sesame Street Writers’ Room here.  The application is due at the end of the month so don’t delay!