50 Precious Words Writing Challenge

green-eggs-and-hamInterested in competing in a brief, and I do mean super short, writing challenge?  Tomorrow, March 2, is the 50 Precious Words Writing Challenge.

Author Vivian Kirkfield created this challenge in honor of Dr. Seuss whose birthday is March 2.  Seuss apparently wrote Green Eggs and Ham when Bennet Cerf, founder of Random House challenged him to write a children’s book using only 50 words.  Seuss did this obviously using many some of them multiple times since the book’s word count is 700.

Kirkfield challenges writers to write a complete story with a word count of 50 words or less. Post the story on her blog (look for the March 2 post) and you will be elligible for one of 20 prizes including:

Critiques from agent Essie White

Enrollment or a discount on a class such as Making Picture Book Magic, Art of the Arc or a webinar.

I decided to give it a go.  Face it.  Roughing a new manuscript is always more fun than rewriting, reworking and fixing an old one.  I have about half the spreads I need and 57 words.

Failure?  I don’t think so.  I have, after all, half a new manuscript!   Off to do some poking around to find the inspiration for 7 more spreads.  It may not win the contest, it may not even be eligible, but this was enough to get me started on a new manuscript.  Woo-hoo.