Ten Minutes a Day: When You Don’t Have Time to Write, Part 2

ten-minutesAbout two weeks ago, I blogged about not being able to find time to work on two new projects — a novel called Iron Mountain and a nonfiction picture book about a cave.  Since then, I’ve worked on these projects 10 minutes per day, Monday through Friday.  Has that little amount of time been worth my while?

For the cave book, I’ve read 7 or 8 sources and have 8 pages of notes.  I have two or three more sources on hand and a friend just told me about an applicable NPR broadcast.  I don’t have quite enough material to start writing but I am very close.  The manuscript is starting to take shape in my mind and has already changed a bit from what I had originally imagined.

What about the novel?  This post went up on Friday, but I wrote it on Wednesday.  At that point I had 1700 words of text.  Yes, it is rough but that’s 1700 words more than I had just fiddling around and complaining about not working.  I’ve roughed out almost a complete first chapter.

No it isn’t following my outline but it is definitely taking on a life of its own.  As soon as I finish roughing chapter 1, I’m going to make an outline of the pivotal points in the story.  What do I consider pivotal points?  My character’s call to action, the climax, the darkest moment and various points where the antagonists actions change things up.  I’m 98% certain that these points are still solid and I want to review them before I get much farther into the story.  I also need to do another Character sketch since this character now makes an appearance in Chapter 1.  He is definitely going to have a much bigger part than I originally conceived.

Ten minutes a day.  It doesn’t sound like much but I have two new projects steadily gaining ground in just two weeks.  Kind of makes you wonder where I’ll be in another two weeks, doesn’t it?