Agents: The Great Agent Search, Who Wants What and How to Pitch

Agent HuntI currently have queries out to two agents.   They’ve had my work for almost a week and my patience is waning.  Yep, I’m a total three  year-old that way.  I’m pitching Puke-ology (chapter book nonfiction) and am eager to get a pitch out to another agent who represents picture books.

But wait!   I just read advice for an agent who says that you should not pitch two different projects at the same time.  The worry is that one agent will want one manuscript, but not the other, and another agent will want the other manuscript but not the first.  Ideally you want to find an agent who will like both manuscripts.

poutAnd, I get that.  I reeeee-eeeeee-eeeeally do.  But have we covered how like a three year-old I am?  This agent is only taking work through the month of January.  Pbbbt.  In reality I should look and see if she’s a good fit for Puke-ology. I know she reps picture books but if she only reps picture books, she really wouldn’t be a good fit for me. See how nicely I’ve argued myself into agreeing with the agent.  Yep.  I knew she was right all along but my inner three year-old had to get a word or two into the discussion.

Here is an agent who is currently looking for work:

Christa Heschke is an agent with McIntosh and Otis.  She represents picture books, middle grade novels (coming of age) and young adult (unreliable narrators).  Unfortunately for me, her nonfiction focus is on picture book biographies.  You can check out a detailed list of what she wants here.

Patiently waiting while prepping a few more letters to go out pitching Puke-ology.