Queries: Try, Swear, and Try Again


The picture above?  If I could draw, that would be a self-portrait of me writing a query letter yesterday.

I’m trying to get more magazine queries out this year so I want to do two or three a month.  So, in the name of not putting it off, I spent some time working on one of them.  I got it done in time for critique group but something about it just didn’t feel right.  I took another look at everything and realized that I just wasn’t certain about one of the sources.  It needed to go but if I eliminated it the whole idea was weaker. I’d have to come up with something new.

I didn’t have to start from scratch but solved the problem by reframing my original idea.  More about the here and now and not quite as much about way back then.  As I was wrapping things up, I pulled out the theme list and guidelines to check something.  I skimmed them and then read them more closely.

Then I read them again.

I’m not sure my piece has enough science.  Sigh.  I know I’m heading in the right direction but seriously?  Can’t I get it right in one try?  Apparently not.  I did take my ideas and the guidelines to my critique group.  They all like my idea but also acknowledge that I won’t be happy until I fine tune it.  What can I say?  They know what a pill I am.

But still, I’d like to get my next query right the first time.  Alas, this time around it is try, swear and then try again.