How to Make a Meme

photoshopOne of the best ways to create interest on social media is through graphics.  I’m not going to pretend to tell you what will be wildly popular and what won’t.  I’ve been posting daily on Twitter for about a month and one post will have 15 interactions while another has 860 in the same amount of time.  But if you want to make your own memes, also known as photo badges when they are used on blogs, here are the basic steps.

  1.  Find a photo.  Most often I got to Pixabay because everything there has a CC0 or Creative Commons 0 copyright. This means that they are free to use however you want to use them.
  2. Download the photo.  I download into Photoshop and these instructions will be based on using that program.
  3. Resize the photo.  To do this in Photoshop, select Image in the top tool bar and drag down to image size.  I set the largest dimension at 8 inches.  Why do I do this before changing anything else?  Because some images are 30 inches wide which makes it super hard to add text.
  4. Decide on your text.  Right now, I’m working with quotes for the Inaugurate Light Project.  If you aren’t using a quote, write and edit your text before you add it to the image.
  5. Add text.  Click on the text tool in the left tool bar then click the cursor where you want the top left corner of the text box to be.  Paste or type in text and then add line breaks, fiddle with font size and color, and shift the entire text box as needed.  To do this, click on the arrow in the left hand tool bar.  Then drag the text box to various position on the photo.
  6. Add the name/URL of the site/blog.  If you want someone to find your blog or site based on this image, be sure to include the site name and/or URL somewhere on the photo.
  7. Save as JPEG.  When you save the final project, be sure to save it as a jpeg.  You can load JPEGs onto Facebook, twitter and a WordPress blog.  You cannot load a Photoshop file.  Ask me how I know.

I hope these instructions help some of you create your own inspirational memes and photo badges.  They can be a great way to direct people to your social media accounts.