Top Posts in 2016

When you write a blog, your plan is to post only about things that will interest your readers.  You try to come up with content and titles that will pull people in through search engines.  You want content that people will tweet or pin.  But you have no way of knowing which posts will be your most popular.

My ten most popular posts in 2016 were:










I’m always a little surprised by the top two.  These have consistently been most popular every year for two or three years now.

The most popular post is on charting the tension in your story.  It was tweeted by someone several years ago and every now and then suffers a resurgence.  Charting the tension in your story really isn’t hard to do but taking this step can help you see where you’ve failed to notch things up the way you need to do to keep your reader reading.

Even more of a mystery is most popular post #2. I’m hardly an expert on poetry but one my of activities involves how to write a False Apology poem.  This is written as if you are a apologizing about something but you are being tongue-in-cheek or a bit sarcastic.  Check out my post for both my favorite false apology poem, written by  William Carlos Williams, and a pathetic attempt by yours truly.

The posts that I think are my best?  Nope, not even on the list.  Publishing is truly a mysterious business.