Writing Middle Grade Nonficiton

video-games-1136042_1920esterday I met my most recent deadline, turning in a piece of middle grade nonfiction on professional gaming.  Yes, that’s people who make money playing video and computer games like Dota 2 and CS:GO.  

The funny/ironic/slightly disturbing thing about it is that it really has demonstrated the disconnect from one generation to another. My teen son pointed it out. When he tells his friends and teachers, people who “get” teens, what I’ve been working on, they smile and nod.  They make the appropriate comments.

When I tell my peers? The vast majority go completely blank.  Sometimes they ask for clarification.  Occasionally, and these are the really bad moments, someone will tell me that they’re glad they don’t write about the stupid things I do.  They couldn’t do it even for money.  Yep, that one was totally my favorite.

Not that I really understood professional gaming before I wrote the book.  I had no clue how much money some of these people make.  Or how many teams there are.

But it really makes me wonder – how do the publishers and editors decide that you are someone who could write about this topic?  Clearly many baby boomers and Gen-X could not do this.  They don’t know about gaming, they don’t want to know about gaming and they think it is a ridiculous waste of time.

Maybe they checked out my social media.  “Has she ever used ‘game’ as a verb?” Because I do game somewhat casually.  I’m pretty darn good at Call of Duty.  Ah, well.  I’m just glad I got the gig.  Finally I’ve written a book my nephew is interested in reading.


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