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December 15, 2016

Online Marketing: Who Has Time to Do It All?

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social-media-1233873_1920Its no great secret.  I make my living as a writer.  Like a lot of writers, I find the vast array of possible online markting options overwhelming. I know one writer who edits anthologies, spends scads of time on Facebook.  She hosts events on Twitter as well as book give-aways on Goodreads.  I watch her and wonder “what if you can’t do it all?  Is it worth the bother?”

Imagine my delight when I came across this Digital Book World post by Chris Syme – Why You Only Need to Sell Your Book on One Social Media Channel.  I’m all giddy at the prospect.  I can focus on — one.

Syme’s idea is that it is better to promote via one social media outlet and do a really good job than it is to do a mediocre job over many.  Focus your attention and get results.  The key is to discover which is best for contacting your audience.  If you audience is on Facebook on and off all day, Facebook is the way to go.  If your readers, Tweet, Tweet and Tweet come more, than use Twitter.  Maybe you’ve got photo savvy readers on Snapchat.  Which doesn’t matter as much as knowing that it is where your readers “hang out.”

Not that Syme’s gives you the all clear to ignore the other forms of social media.  The key is to find one to use to market your writing.  You should still update the others on a regular basis.  You need to have an extended presence because it makes you easier to find.  But your selling efforts?  That’s all in one place.

You just have to figure out which place is where your readers hang out.  One vs many.  That sounds much more doable to me.




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