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November 7, 2016

Agents and Editors Looking for Manuscripts

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twitter-848528_1920-croppedWish you knew who wanted your particular manuscript?  At least once a week, more often two or three times, I stop by twitter and read the #MSWL (Manuscript Wish List) posts.  Sunday night I learned that:

Dial’s Ellen Cormier would like to find a YA with a character who slips into or back into “disordered eating behaviors” without realizing what is happening because it isn’t the full disorder. (post)

Sarah Davies, founder of Greenhouse Literary, would like:
A Cambodian writer who writes YA or MG. (post)
YA fantasy with its roots in non-Anglo Saxon culture.  (post)

Hannah Fergesen of KT Literary would like a YA with a main character who grew up with the Voodoo religion.  (post)

Lauren Spiellier of Triada would like a novel that deals with the events in Flint, Michigan.  (post)

I have to say that there haven’t been a huge number of posts lately, but this is a great way to find a lead.  Maybe your non-Anglo Saxon fantasy isn’t YA but MG.  Davies is interested in MG so this might still be a solid lead.

Don’t have something about Flint but you do have something about a pipeline poisoning a communities drinking water?  Then you might still want to query Spiellier.

These are not the only topics that these agents want but their requests can help you gain some insight into their interests, passions, and preferences.  Don’t let a good opportunity pass you by!



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