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November 3, 2016

Professionalism: Why It Might Be Best to Keep Some Things to Yourself

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filterWhen you’re a writer, you get to have all kinds of really interesting (wacky) conversations with people.  I can’t even count the number of people who either tell me that they plan to write a book some day or try to sell me an idea.  But the other day was completely new.

“So this book you’re working on, is it yours or is it one that you’re doing for your publisher?”

“You mean Abdo?  If so, Abdo.”

“Ugh.  They tell you what to write about.  How can you do that?  I could never write about something that wasn’t interesting.”

Fortunately, I was too surprised to respond.  I know there are people who think my books are boring.  I’m even related to some of them.  But they never say it to my face.  I just know them and I know what interests them and my books aren’t it.  Which is cool.  That’s why we need such variety to fit a variety of people.

But the problem is that the person I had this conversation with is a publicist.  And she’s offered to represent me.

Cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket.

Suffice it so say that if she wanted to work with me, she might have considered holding back just a little.  But I know writers who do much the same thing.  They rant about that wierd editor they met at a conference or that unprofessional agent, the one who was plastered at dinner.  And I don’t mean they are ranting to their critique groups. They rant on Facebook.  Or Twitter.  People, that’s basically like running through Time’s Square naked.  Post it online and it is no longer private.

If you want to make business connections out there in the writing world, there are some things that you really should not shout from the rooftops. They includes rants about editors, agents or publishers.  Don’t get into flame wars.

In short, act like the professional you want people to think that you are.  It really is in your own best interest.



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