Choosing a Title

surprise-one-handedHad a really interesting experience with an image search Monday.  I was looking for the cover image of the picture book “Peeking Under the Street.”  Me being me, I’m a bit lazy.  So I didn’t add the author’s name.  I didn’t even add the word cover.  I just clicked image search and Enter and . . .

Oh, my heavenly host.  What the hell is going on here?

Let’s just say that this pulled up something about a particular area in Las Vegas that seems to be upper garment optional, unless you count paisties as garments.  Some of the people may have been “working women,” a polite euphamism my grandmother used.  Others were clearly tourists.

I don’t know about you, but I would not want some kid to type up the name of my book and get an eye-full of bossom.  If it was sculpture and painting I wouldn’t care but this was VEGAS and although some of the people seemed very friendly it was not child-friendly if you get my drift.

My point?  When you come up with a title for your book, do a Google search.  Do it on a computer that doesn’t have Net Nanny because you need the worst case scenario.  And don’t just to a Google search, do a Google Image Search.  I’ve done this before and pulled up something that looked like the gore-filled image from a slasher film.  It was something by some Death Metal band but, again, not what I want my readers to find when they’re looking for me.  Another search turned up a competing book.  I don’t want that either so I tried title #3.

Take the time to search your book titles.  You need to find competing titles but you also need to know if a search would pull up things that aren’t appropriate for your audience.


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