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October 6, 2016

My Misfit Manuscript

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work-1357001_1920I had a critique group meeting this afternoon.  I love my group and really wanted the chance to get some feedback.  But I’ve been working on the Race and Racism book, due Wednesday.  So that I didn’t have to miss out on their feedback, I pulled out an old manuscript that I jokingly refer to as my misfit toy.

When I wrote it, my publisher was planning to start a series of early readers.  “Can you write a few?”  They printed up scads of examples and sent me an entire box full of material to read.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A box full.  I read.  I thought.  I read some more and then I drafted three manuscripts for them.

They cancelled the program.

When a publisher put out a call for easy reading picture books that could be adapted into an app, I went through these old manuscripts.  I really liked one of them.  I rewrote it with this publisher’s specs in mind.  They loved it and we discussed the app.  Our ideas for this book meshed perfectly.

I waited for the contract.

And I wanted for the contract.

They explained having to delay things for a while and I waited some more.

Then they announced that they had produced the last of their apps and books.

Is this manuscript worth reworking again?  Or should I just let it slide?  At this point in our relationship, I have no perspective.  Is it a misfit or just unlucky?  So I ran it by my group.

They declared it not a misfit.  Then Rick suggested that I add another attempt before the solution is found.  And Rita recommended more onomatopoeia.  I can clearly see how this will improve the piece.  It looks like once I rework it that it will once again venture into the world of publishing.

Hopefully the third time really is the charm.



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